This afternoon the sever has been very stable, we have taken the opportunity to further optimise and have identified several tweaks and patches we can make. These are in progress on specific websites.

We have also managed to block further questionable scrapers with the firewall.

As planned we restarted the server at 8pm and it came back up serving traffic at 8.06pm.

We will continue to monitor as always and continue our pro active hosting approach.

Huge apologies for the inconvenience this morning.

We will close this ticket for now, thanks for being great clients.

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The more we look, it does just seem like a high load day, and a badly timed bug on one of the sites that has just taken things over the edge.

The server is reasonably stable right now, and any issues are set to resolve themselves automatically. What we have identified is that a good old restart won't go amiss, but we do expect a down time of 10-15 minutes.

Not ideal during the day, therefore this is notice that we will perform this around 8pm this evening. We will update further as things progress. Again sorry for any inconvenience caused for minor outages.

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Server does seem to be stable now, still investigating to ensure we have a robust solution, as not entirely clear the cause as of yet. More info to follow.

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We have identified a memory leak issue.

Connectivity is working for some users, but not all connections yet.

It seems there was a huge memory spike which effected MySQL. We are continuing to investigate to ensure full reliability recovers shortly.

More information once we have recovered and further information once we have had time to fully investigate.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we understand how important it is for your website to be up at all times.

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It does seem like some traffic is getting through. We can see a huge demand on apache at the moment. Senior systems admin is currently investigating. More info to follow. Hoping to resolve this very shortly.

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Currently seeing some connectivity issues. Urgently investigating. Will update this shortly.

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